Easy At-Home Love Spells for Newbies

 Looking to invite more love in your life using love spells? Here are some easy spells you should try out.

Magick has been used for centuries to help us with our deepest desires, and what’s a more universal desire than love?

From rituals to love ourselves more to spells to bring back old loves in our lives, love spells are among the most popular kinds of spells requested by humankind.

If love is what you really desire and you’re just a baby witch at the moment, here are a couple of easy no-mess love spells that you can try out at home!

Strengthening Love Spell

This love spell can strengthen the love between two partners and is an ode to the tradition of sealing love letters with wax. You’ll need:

  • A pink or red candle with a candle holder
  • A lighter or matches
  • Piece of paper and envelope
  • Red or pink ink pen
  • A pointed tool like a nail

All you need to do is light your candle, place it in a candle holder and put it on top of a stable surface. Next, write a love letter to your partner or the person you want to attract, expressing all your feelings for them. When you’re done, fold your paper and place it inside the envelope. Tilt the candle, and let wax pour onto the envelope, and seal it. After the wax is a little dry, inscribe the rune called gebu in it which looks like the letter X.

After this, you can choose to mail the letter or keep it next to you.


Attraction Spell

For this spell, you’ll need:

  • Honey to attract sweetness
  • A medium jar
  • Alcohol
  • Rose petals
  • Rose quartz
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Paper and pen
  • Herbs like lavender, cinnamon, oregano invite love

In a jar, add some honey, alcohol, your crystals, petals and herbs. Write your intention in the present or past tense, for example, “XYZ loves me”, close the jar and shake it while visualizing your intention. Next, light the candle and speak your intention; raise your vibration by chanting it or meditating on it. Let the candle burn completely, and when it’s finished, take a couple of minutes to mentally close your ritual and throw the jar in a bin at an intersection.

However, remember that these are just beginner love spells, and results cannot be guaranteed until and unless you hire a skilled spell caster.

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