The Origins of Magic

Magic is something that fascinates and terrifies people, because we really don’t understand what it is or how far it goes. So, what is it?

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Most people’s idea of magic comes directly from either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Other people think it’s all an optical illusion—of course, this is the fundamental distinction between a Peter Jackson fan and a Nolan fan. Magic is far more diverse and fascinating than what you think it is.

So how far back does magic really go?

Ancient Magic

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We know, through literature and other texts, that the idea of magic existed in the oldest societies. In some cultures, it was the exclusive domain of the gods—such as in ancient Egypt and Greece. In other cultures, any layman could perform magic and we have evidence of people believing in magi, witches, daemons, and the like.

Shortly put, magic goes as far back as humans go. It’s a merry mix of myth and mystery, and will continue to intrigue us for centuries.

The Great Chain of Being

The general idea, thousands of years ago, was that everything comes from God and is connected together in what’s called the “great chain of being.” Magicians sought this chain—this connection. It was through their understanding of the connection of things and their manipulation of it that they managed to perform miracles in their lifetimes.

Magic and Science

If you think modern science and medicine is a blessing to mankind, you really ought to be thanking magic, for without magic, science wouldn’t exist. Let’s not forget that at one point in time, people thought science was great heresy—just like they think of magic today.

When Newton presented his idea of gravity, he called it gravity, and people were intrigued. Had he called it a “magical force,” people would have shushed him and told him it’s from God—but that’s what practitioners of magic say, too. They say that there are forces in this world that are all from God and are all connected, and can be manipulated for the good of mankind.

Isn’t that what scientists say, too—and isn’t gravity a supernatural magical force that our modern scientists are trying very hard to manipulate?

Witchcraft and the Esoteric

Esotericism has always been popular with the more intellectual circles and in popular culture. It encompasses many Western philosophies and traditions, and its ancestry can be traced back to the enlightenment period. In short, esotericism has a link to all the “rejected” forms of knowledge in the Western world—worlds of knowledge the Western world thought were too base for study.

That, of course, is not the truth.

More about Magic

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