How to Stop Your Husband from Cheating on You

Will men always be men or are there ways to make them behave? Can you ensure that your marriage will go on unadulterated?

a man’s collar has a dubious lipstick stain

It can be notoriously hard to stop men from cheating—it comes so naturally to them that it’s almost second nature. Evolution explains that men are likelier to cheat—and studies, such as this one and this one, substantiate this edict. There are, of course, incident-specific cases, such as this one, which find that men who earn less than their women are likelier to cheat—however, let’s not forget the term “sugar daddy” doesn’t come from lesser-earning mortals. The bottom line remains the same: men are more likely to cheat.

So how can you stop your husband from cheating?

Don’t be Clingy

Now that we have thrown around some dirt on men’s raw natures and adulterous genetics, let’s talk about the things that might encourage them to cheat. In some cases, it’s clingy wives. No person—man or woman—likes their spouse hanging over their haunches all the time. Don’t ask too many unnecessary questions, don’t be overly aggressive, and give your spouse the space they deserve. They will respect you for it.

Do Not Be Too Controlling

a controlling couple

It’s okay if you want to give them something to wear now and then, but refrain from dictating their life choices—unless those choices directly impact you or the household. If they want to wear striped shirts, let them wear striped shirts even if you don’t like striped shirts. It’s not the shirts that matter—it’s the man that does.

Understand Them

Even if you’re married, you’re two very different people. You need to understand that their likes and dislikes, preferences and predilections, might be different. Their philosophies and ideologies might be very different. Especially if it’s a new marriage, take the time out to understand them, their worldview, their perspective of things; take it from there.

Often, squabbles in a married household arise from the stupidest things: such as whether or not clothes should be air-dried or thrown in a dryer. Talk to them and understand why they’re saying what they’re saying. If possible, reach an agreement—and that’s the trick to a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

Remember: you can’t have everything your way all the time, and neither can they.

Check Their Browser History

Yes, it goes without saying that men aren’t babies who need schooling and scrutiny—but don’t they? Since we know that they’re likelier to cheat, you might want to make sure they aren’t frequenting spaces that are notorious for nastiness. An example would be this website, which is specifically for “sugar daddies,” and helps adulterous adult men “not get caught as a married sugar daddy.”

Talk about the bro code, eh?

In the worst-case scenario, if they absolutely refuse to listen to your good counsel and you’ve found questionable stuff in their browser history, you might want to take a more drastic step. A expert love spell, perhaps—or something more serious to punish them?

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