How Can You Join the Illuminati?

An ancient Bavarian order of enlightenment, the Illuminati are wrongly accused of tedious things. But what are they and how do you join them?

If you think the answer lies in a Dan Brown novel. . . you’ll have to do a lot of re-thinking. Then you might think, okay, I’ll join one of these Facebook pages or groups that have millions of likes—that ought to give you some idea, right?

What are the Illuminati? How did they begin? Do they really worship Satan and carry out blood sacrifices? And how can you join the ranks?

The Origins of the Illuminati

It was in the 18th Century, in Bavaria, that this cult was founded. Their main tenets revolved around fighting superstition, promoting enlightenment, and busting radical religious myths that had shackled people for ages. The idea that the Illuminati is some sort of Satanic cult and that all its members partake in weekly orgies . . . that’s just Hollywood.

The professor who spearheaded the organization was a fervent reader and believed in French enlightenment ideals. It was only after the Roman Catholic Church went after them and had them banned that myths and rumors about this organization began to ferment. They were called enemies of state, Satanists, occultists, and much more—but they were just very dedicated freethinkers.

Germany’s most famous writer—Goethe—was also part of the cult.

Hierarchy in the Illuminati

Like any organization, there’s organization in the Illuminati circles. Initiation is neither easy nor simple. You need to present intimate details about yourself to the person inducting you in order to be inducted as a novice. The order is as follows:

First Class




Illuminatus Minor

Second Class




Illuminatus Major

Illuminatus Dirigens

Third Class





You will be trained and taught in humanitarian philosophy and, later, in freemasonry—if you do end up joining.

Selling Your Soul

It’s no wonder that former Illuminati member, Goethe, wrote Faust—a tale about a man who sells his soul to the devil for knowledge of the dark arts. People who have tried joining the Illuminati say that filling out the instruction form is tantamount to “selling your soul.”

But, all things considered, if you still want in, who are we to stop you? Here’s the website. Yes, they have a website. It isn’t all dark alleys and men in hoods carrying lamps by night, inviting you to join the society of secrets. You can find a form to fill, instructions on how to answer, and there’s no membership fee.

You will even receive an email from them once you’re done. However, we must warn you—or they will, when they say that “they’re always watching out for you.” Or, you know, always watching you—their symbol being the eye and all.

What we’re trying to say here is: tread carefully.

The Final Question: Why Do You Want to Join it?

It’s very important that you ask yourself just why you wish to join this cult. It can mean great things for you, of course, but you might not be ready for the task. Are you sure you want to get in for what it’s worth? Because an Illuminati membership is for life—once you’re in, you’re in.

On a side note, if your motivation to join the Illuminati is mere curiosity, we would suggest you do not take any steps which you will regret later. The Illuminati isn’t a joke—and we would not tell you to join it if you are not serious about it.

However, there’s another way to get what you want—if you want to join them in all earnest. And that way is. . .

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