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Curses and Revenge: A Guide to Ancient Magic

Our ancestors weren’t unfamiliar with magic rituals; in fact, love and revenge were always just a spell away in the past. Learn more.

Back in the day, when a team of Serbian archaeologists discovered a cache of the 2000-year-old skeletons, they also found a set of scrolls of Aramaic curses. These tiny scrolls were thought to be ancient amulets covered in spells used during the ‘binding magic’ rituals of yore. Here’s more on magic in antiquity:

A Spell for Every Occasion

The binding magic in the ancient past was about spells. Magic practitioners in ancient Rome and Greek began to bind people using spells for outcomes in business, personal and love affairs, revenge and sporting events. Derek Collins, the renowned magic expert, was famously known for connecting god and people with formulas that would reap desirable results and actions. Strings of powerful words have been passed on for decades to magicians and ordinary people alike.

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Amulets: A Magical Fashion Accessory?

Yes, the movies were right; spells were written down on objects carried around by possessors. This is how amulets came into being; a must-have antique fashion accessory. They’re found regularly, to this day, in ancient Roman and Greek gravesite digs. Likewise, the ancient Egyptians favored amulets with symbolism that looked decorative. However, their content was vicious, which felt like life and death to believers as it put their intentions into physical form.

Curse or Revenge

The bitter charming tradition of ‘curse tablets’ also originated in Rome and Greece. These spells were written on stone, wax, or lead that gave directions for wronging people. These curse tablets can be looked upon as the takedowns of the era because anyone could head to their local magician and pay them to curse the one who had intentionally or unintentionally hurt them.

Likewise, there were curse dolls that gave people the authority to create a tiny effigy of the people they wished to bring harm to. These dolls have been found as mutilated bodies or with bounded hands and feet in coffins on multiple occasions, hinting that they might have been molded alongside binding spells. However, it’s still a mystery if modern-day voodoo dolls make use of similar binding magic.

The Debate

It’s almost impossible to claim if everyone belonging to ancient Rome or Greece was into binding magic; in fact, researchers believe there was no correlation between magic and ancient religion. Although they both involved god, magic relied upon manipulation of gods, while religion involved asking for gods’ favors for supplication and offerings. However, before the days of Christianity, anti-magic legislation was passed in ancient Rome and Greece that forbade the use of magic that could kill.  

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