3 Signs Your Marriage is Failing

Lack of communication, loss of trust, hiding things, keeping secrets, telling lies—the list is ever long, but the red flags deceptively few.

angry couple

If you have a hunch that your marriage is beginning to fail, now’s the time to prove it. Look for the following signs:


A marriage is a pact between two people who choose to live, breathe, eat, sleep, and do everything together for the rest of their lives. In such a relationship, secrets can’t be kept. Of course, giving the other person the space they want and deserve is part of the package—everybody deserves personal space. However, when your significant other demands space enough to accommodate a life-sized spacecraft, that’s when your suspicions should ideally mount.

If your significant other is keeping secrets from you, they have something to hide. Now, it could be anything from engaging in unsavory pursuits (such as drugs) or going through a financial pinch (such as losing in a gamble). However, in any of those circumstances, they wouldn’t isolate you as a life partner.

That only happens when they’ve found another.


angry couple

Next up in line is almost always the reckless deluge of lies. Lies about what they’ve been doing, where they’ve been, where they’re going to be for the weekend. Not only are they isolating you, but they’re also disrespecting your intelligence by constantly lying to you.

A relationship cannot thrive on a flaky foundation of lies—because the influx of lies in a relationship means that trust has been thrown out the window. Trust, faith, and belief in each other is an integral part of maintaining a relationship.

If you feel like you can no longer trust your significant other, you have a significant other problem on your hands: what’s causing this rift?

No Communication

Next, you make attempts at communicating with them. You give them their space and let them have their lies, their secrets. All you demand in return is that they talk to you. If the love has gone out of your marriage, you want them to tell you that—but they simply refuse to talk. They come home, and go straight to the bed. Even when they’re awake, they ignore and avoid you.

If such bitterness has seeped into your married life, you might have to look at options to save it before it all falls apart.

All the King’s Horses

Usually, in such a situation, people opt for couple therapy, which kind of works sometimes. However, in other certain cases—especially when there’s a third wheel involved—the spouse might not be too willing to accommodate a therapeutic session. They are simply uninterested in saving their failing marriage.

You, however, have a chance. Love spell services are potent, powerful, perpetual magical charms that can make sure your marriage won’t go to shambles. Get in touch with us, at Spells Masters, for more information.

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